Breyer 2022 Classic Halloween Horse “Tabitha” – Ships in Oct.


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Glow in the Dark “Tabitha”

Pre-order – Shipping Oct.

Here is what Breyer has to say…

In a quiet fishing village, whispers of an eerie legend are told by candlelight. Centuries ago, a pirate ship loaded with plunder crashed on the village’s rocky coast during a wild storm on All Hallows Eve. Every year since, that night is full of fierce waves and howling winds that are said to be the voices of the pirates, cursed to be forever searching for their lost treasure.

Something’s been brewing at Breyer this Halloween, and it’s Tabitha! Our 2022 Freedom Series Halloween Horse, Tabitha was designed by Christine Jordan to be a spellbinding sight. Take a closer look at her flashy pinto coat, and you’ll discover hidden witches flying through the night sky under a crescent moon.

During the day you’ll admire how Tabitha’s purple interference coat color shifts with the light. But after dark, be prepared for the witches to make themselves known, as all of her white markings glow in the dark!

Freedom Series | Ages 4+ | 1:12 Scale

Breyer models often have flaws especially on the box side of the model.  If you plan to show your model we will do our best to find a LSQ model for you if we have additional models available.  Although models are new In their box, the boxes are often damaged in shipping to us and get brittle as time passes.  If you require a pristine box please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

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