BF 2022 Store Portrait Special LE “Montanara” Black Forest Stallion – Pre-Order


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Black Forest Stallion Montanara

New in original packaging.  LE of 3000

Here is what Breyer has to say about this model:

Done on Jeanne Mellin Herrick’s handsome Friesian mold, #485, Montana is a rich, dark chestnut with flaxen mane and tail and four white socks. Born at Ursula Seidel’s stables in Washington State, Montanara is currently owned by Elizabeth Keck of Once Upon a Dream Acres in Idaho. Montanara was brought in utero from the Black Forest in Germany and was the first Black Forest Horse to be born on North American soil. He exhibits the breed’s naturally calm and willing demeanor and has done everything asked of him from riding to driving and even snow plowing. He passes on his incredible temperament, strength and beauty to his foals so future generations can enjoy this wonderful breed.  

Photos of the live horse courtesy of Once Upon a Dream Acres.

Age 8+

This  item will be picked up at BF live in KY if available, if not, it will ship approximately 2-3 weeks later than those picked up at BF.  Thank you!

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Dimensions 14 × 4 × 8 in


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