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Chardonnay – German Riding Pony

LE of 3000

Here is what Breyer has to say….

BreyerFest: Prost! is all about celebrating the wonderful breeds of Germany! Nikolas, our 2022 Celebration Horse, shares something in common with our next reveal. The German Riding Pony breed is so cute and talented, we just had to have two!

The largest registry for ponies and small horses is the Weser-Ems Breeding Society located in Lingen, Germany. Founded in 1949, the society now oversees 22 pony and small horse breeds, including the German Riding Pony which was officially recognized in 1963. These “miniature warmbloods” were developed to mimic their larger counterparts and possess large strides and comparable gates. This makes them a popular choice for many children and adults around the world as they can compete at the highest levels in a variety of disciplines.

Chardonnay is the top dressage stallion for the German Riding Pony registry, Weser-Ems, in North America.  He has been immortalized as one of BreyerFest’s Limited Edition Traditional models.  Done on Susan Carlton Sifton’s popular Flash mold, #594, Chardonnay is a handsome, rich chestnut with three white stockings.

Chardonnay, owned by Marta Kauffman and trained and ridden by Jaye Cherry, is taking the dressage arena by storm on the West Coast. Like fine wine, this talented German Riding Pony has only gotten better with age. Always entertaining both Jaye and spectators, he never gets tired and has adopted the nickname of the “Ever Ready Bunny!” He has competed, with much success, all the way up to the Grand Prix level. The talented chestnut was the 2003 German Federal Reserve Pony Stallion before being imported to America, the 2008 Cornerstone Prix St. Georges Champion, the 2010 L. A. / California Dressage Society Grand Prix Reserve Champion, and a 2010 Top Ten Finisher at the California Dressage Society Horse of the Year Show, to name a few of his many accomplishments. He is also an active breeding stallion passing on his incredible movement and talent to his offspring.

Age: 8+

This model may or may not be picked up at BreyerFest and shipped from Lexington, KY.  It just depends on the availability of the model.  If it is not picked up at BF, it will be shipped to us from Breyer for reshipment around the 1st of August.

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