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Here is what Breyer had to say…

If you’ve ever seen The Sound of Music then you’re already familiar with the inspiration behind the name for this next model. The Ländler is a traditional folk dance done in ¾ time that was popular in southern Germany in the 18th century and is still popular during celebrations of German culture today. This partner dance involves lots of hopping and stomping and may have been a precursor to the more refined Waltz. 

Our Ländler has been done in a stunning dapple rose grey with four white socks on the Totilas mold, #725, sculpted by Brigitte Eberl. 

This model will be picked up at BreyerFest and shipped from Lexington, KY by 7/19/22.

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Weight 165 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 8 in


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