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Brahams – Leopard Appaloosa

**This item is in high demand, and is now sold out for the guaranteed delivery.  We are still taking backorders, which means you can put down a $50 deposit and not pay anything additional until we secure a model for you.  If we are not able to fill the order you will be refunded your $50 deposit.

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Here is what Breyer has to say….

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve revealed a bunch of BreyerFest Special Run models to fans that have been named in honor of all things German! From dance to food to Oktoberfest celebrations, we are thrilled to be bringing fans on a cultural journey around this amazing country.

For today’s reveal, we are highlighting classical music with our tribute to one of Germany’s most famous composers – Johannes Brahms!   

Born in 1833, German composer Johannes Brahms was friends with Beethoven and Bach and often worked with them – both writing and performing. Premiering many of his own compositions, this virtuoso wrote for musicians from soloists to symphonies. Considered one of the masters of classical music, Brahms symphonies are known the world over.  

In celebration of BreyerFest: Prost!, our Brahms has been done on the Big Ben mold, #483, sculpted by Kathleen Moody in a flashy black leopard appaloosa finished with a shiny coat of gloss. Brahms’ right front leg and shoulder feature a “mismark,” which is a unique genetic anomaly that sometimes occurs in horses with appaloosa coloring. 

Age: 8+

This model will be picked up at BreyerFest and shipped from Lexington, KY by 7/19/22.

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Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in


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