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Scented Gummy Bears!

Here is what Breyer had to say….

These delightful little bears have been inspired by an iconic German candy – gummy bears! 

Done on the Bear Cub, mold #308 sculpted by Chris Hess, our Breyer Bears are deliciously-colored Clearware bears. They are being sold as a set of three and will come in red, yellow, and green – and be sweetly-scented, to boot!  As an added bonus, unlike the other Special Run models, this set will come in stunning custom packaging that is themed to this summer’s celebration of Prost! 

Age: 8+

This set will be picked up at BreyerFest and shipped from Lexington, KY by 7/19/22.

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Dimensions 14 × 4 × 8 in


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