BF 2020 Special Run Metallic Buckskin Appaloosa “Thorn” – Orders Closed

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Done on the classically handsome Trakehner mold (#54), sculpted by Chris Hess, this icon is being released for this year’s Celtic Fling in a fun softly-metallic buckskin blanket appaloosa complete with mottling on his nose. Another of our fun throwback surprises to help celebrate Breyer’s 70th Anniversary!

Named for thorn, the third in the sacred tree trilogy related to fairy lore, this plant has been long-considered sacred.  Combined with oak and ash, the thorn in folklore is said to ward off fairy mischief, but the hawthorn plant itself is regarded for its antioxidant medicinal properties – even today!

This is a pre-sale.  Items won’t be released until July 10-12, 2020 and will ship to buyers starting July 13th.  All items will ship following reciept of package from Breyer.  Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

Trilogy:  Oak, Ash & Thorn.  Buy all three and get a free celebration model!




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