Merlin Photo Gallery

  • Heavy Draft Stallion Resin
  • Large Traditional 1:9 Scale
  • Steel Reinforcement
  • Hollow-cast
  • By Russian Sculptor Elena Kraval
  • Limited Edition of 40

Sold Out

Spotted Noriker Stallion by Kim Burd – Owned by Deb Buckler

Bay Sabino by Nan Wagner – Owned by Deb Buckler

Chestnut by Deb Brown – Owned by Ilka Getzkow

Sorrel with Flaxen Mane & Tail by Kathy A. Thompson

Bay by Elena Kraval (Sculptor & Painter)

Smutty Palomino by Equine Creations/Monica West – Owner Katelin Thomas

Blue Roan by Elena Kraval (Sculptor & Painter)


  • Noriker Stallion
  • Curio 1:20 Scale (5.25″H x 6″L)
  • Wire Reinforcement
  • Solid-cast
  • Available with or without base
  • By US Sculptor Vicki Keeling
COLOR: Chestnut
OWNER: Ilka Getzkow
PAINTER: Deb Brown
COLOR: Blue Roan
OWNER: For Sale
PAINTER: Elizabeth Jones
COLOR: Leopard
OWNER: Elizabeth Jones
PAINTER: Elizabeth Jones
COLOR: Blue Roan
OWNER: Elizabeth Jones
PAINTER: Elizabeth Jones

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