Welcome to Our Family of Resins

We offer quality resins at an affordable price as well as Breyer Models and other brands of models.  We sell both new and used items.

Why Choose Us?

Our Promise to You

“That every piece produced by us will be a genuine, quality work of art at an affordable price, securely packaged for safe delivery and exclusive to the Perfect Pony Collection in the US.”

About Us

Kathy A. Thompson (KAT)

store owner/manager

What We Do

We reproduce original collectible resins of the highest quality in a variety of sizes. Most will be sculpted by KAT (Kathy A. Thompson), but some may be done by other talented artists. We try our best to keep our prices affordable. Payment terms are always welcome and you can reserve one with just a small deposit.

We offer both raw (unpainted) resins as well as painted ones. All releases are limited editions of from 40 to 100 pieces and come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

All our finished resins are inspected and free of flaws and/or damage. Flaws include but are not limited to; holes, gouges, fingerprints, smeared paint and excessive over-spray. We bring you the finest, highest quality resin models possible.

We also offer professional Prep & Prime services. Price is dependent on size and ranges from $25 to $150. eMail admin@perfectponyz.com for a quote.

Who We Are

We are a small US based business in Lewiston, ID. We reproduce exclusive model horse resins in a variety of sizes; 1:20 scale (5″H x 6″L), 1:9 scale (8″H x 10″L) and 1:6 scale (12″H x 14″L).

Our items are normally exclusive to Perfect Pony’s (PPC), but occasionally with International artists we sell exclusively in the US while they sell their own pieces abroad.

Sizes are approximate, actual size depends on the pose and breed.

Each piece is inspected after casting and again after painting. You are guaranteed to get a model free of flaws or damage, with the exception of raw pieces. Our raw pieces are very clean and most imperfections have been addressed. All pieces come with a COA and are numbered and have the PPC logo. We take great pride in our resins and it shows!