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Here you can usually find answers to most of your questions!

Updates 5/4/21 –

I am working hard to get the 5 new models cast in time for BreyerFest. The Andalusian stallion with the braided mane and tail is shipping this week. If you reserved one please email me with your mailing address so I can make sure I have the most up to date one on file and to make sure I have everyone down. This is only a run of 5, but we have an updated version we will be revealing soon.

I hope to have pics of the new additions soon. At the current time, casting has been halted due to a shortage of resin caused by the disasters in Texas. It is unclear when the company that supplies all the venders will be back up and running. We will let you know when we can resume casting. We are very particular about the products we use and all products are extensively tested for strength and workability before they are chosen. We will not compromise on quality.

Updates 1/4/21 –

Well the holidays have come and gone. Many not being able to be with family and friends due to this horrible pandemic. I hope everyone is taking precautions and being as safe as they can to not spread this nasty virus. Let’s hope moving forward that life begins to get back to the care free times of before and 2021 will mark a joyous and successful year for all. I know I’ve been bad in the past about keeping up with a blog. But I have had my nose to the grind working on getting these new models to you. We are currently in the molding and casting stage of 3 of our new releases. I’m not sure which will be available first, but they should all become available by February for those that ordered unpainted pieces, and by the end of February for those waiting for finished pieces. I currently only have 2 other painters that might be able to help me out, so we will get them finished and out to you as quickly as possible.

First we have the long awaited Mini Merlin in production. He will be a 1st run of 20 pieces for the club members (he wasn’t originally a club piece, but since we are so far behind we will be adding him as one of the 10 club models in 1:20 scale.

Second we have another new 1:20 scale rearing mustang. We will also be shrinking him down in the future to stablemate size.

Third we have my favorite! It’s our Merlin remake to a new sport horse. He will be a run of 50, with more runs possible in the future. There will also be some finished pieces of him available.

Last but not least is our 1:6 scale Stock Horse Mare. Boy is she big! I’ve poured her mold but I need to add a few more vents and try it again so I can eliminate areas that need filled.

Also don’t forget, if you hate prepping, I love it and would be more than happy to prep your model for you. Prices depend on the size and complexity of the mold, but as always, you get big discounts when you purchase merchandise we have to offer.

BreyerFest 2021

A horse of a different color!

In case you haven’t heard yet, BreyerFest will be on line again this year. We had such a good year last year, getting everyone’s models except for a few on a wait list, and the majority of people who had credits were able to use them last year towards the 2020 models. If you still have a credit in the books and would like to use it please email me at to arrange use.

Since last year worked so perfectly for us, we will repeat the same plan this year hoping for equally as good results. Breyer says they will have more models available this year than every before! This years line up will be lots of colorful spots, stripes and who knows what. As many of you heard, Intuit who was scheduled to be the celebration horse ended up withdrawing, so he has now been replaced with “Northern Tempest”.  In the hunter ring, Appaloosa-Friesian cross Danash’s Northern Tempest & owner Laura Reece have no problem doing just that, making this accomplished equine cause for celebration! First drawn to her striking leopard Appaloosa markings, Laura purchased “Dani” as an unfinished 4-year old. It’s unusual for an amateur to purchase an unfinished horse, but Dani’s easygoing demeanor and beautiful movement made for a natural pairing.

Just like last year, you can purchase this beautiful model by itself, or you can get a free with with the purchase of 3 or more special run models. We are lowering the price of the celebration model from the usual $49.99 to just $40.00 with purchase of any other BreyerFest model.

We will only take the first 20 customers again this year since that seemed to be our magic number last year. So please email if you’d like to be put on the list. It doesn’t cost anything, it just holds your spot for when you start seeing those pretty pony “must haves”. We will keep you posted on the models as they are released. Again this year we will do a $50 deposit on special runs, $25 deposit on store models, and $10 deposit on stablemates. Of coarse if you would like to pay in full ahead of time you are welcome to do that also. Feel free to browse the store for your 2021 BF models as well as our other offerings.

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