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Traditional “Merlin” Heavy Draft is casting and will start shipping soon!

We should have all the pre-ordered “Merlin’s” shipped by the end of February. We will ship them in the order they were delivered. He is totally awesome! Can’t wait to see what colors everyone comes up with. Would you guys be interested in a painting competition on the PPC models? Merlin is no longer on sale for $50 off, but is still discounted for a while longer. So get yours on order before they are all gone. This is a limited run so once they are gone, that’s it.

The 1:6 scale mare is looking great. I hope to have some unpainted pics soon. Those that pre-ordered for $89.99 got a steal! My cost is quite a bit higher than that, so retail will have to be $174.99, almost double what you paid. That’s the reward for reserving so far in advance and being so patient in waiting her arrival!

Shipping Progress

Last week I was able to ship 7 more packages out with the money from sales the week before. Four of them were the new orders, and 3 were BF 2018 items. I have many packages to ship and I realize that everyone has been waiting a really long time, but I’m getting them out just as fast as money allows. I’m hoping to get at least a couple more out this week. I have lots of Norikers to ship and just a few more BF 2018 packages. Then we’ll just have to see what the sales do. With new sales we ship the new order, then use the rest of the payment for shipping. So the more sales, and larger the sales the faster I can get things caught up. Thank you all for being such good sports through these past disastrous times.

BF 2019

We still have room for 6 more customers on pick ups for BF 2019. We are only taking orders for 20 customers this year. First come, first serve. Once the 20 spots are filled you will need a password to visit the BF page. Only those on the list will be given the password. Anyone have any guesses on what the animal will be? Should we play another game this year?