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Working Through the Weekend

In an effort to get as much accomplished in as short of time possible, we have elected to work through the weekend without a day off. Since we are not being paid for our time and effort at this time, we consider it a personal sacrifice for the well-being of our customers.

We have now uploaded 51 backdrops to the new site. We are a little over half way done. We will continue to add a few a day until we are finished.

The Noriker’s are coming along, although it has been wet and humid here so they are taking longer to dry than I’d like. We don’t have the benefit of a totally controlled environment here at the new shop, but we are doing the best we can. We weren’t able to get any shipped last week due to the slight drying delay, but we will be sending out some this week. We will also be uploading pics of both the matte and glossy versions of the Noriker this week.

 Photo is linked to its original source on the Breyer website, it is not hosted on our page.
Photo is linked to its original source on the Breyer website, it is not hosted on our page.

We have not had a chance to upload many additional models, but we have added a few. We are focusing on getting the Noriker’s out first, so once they are all shipped we will add the rest of the model inventory. All listed models are 30% off so grab them while they are at this ridiculously low price!

We also sent out a newsletter last week about deciding to do BreyerFest pickups for 2019. Although we have changed a lot about how we will do them. This will be our 6th year of picking up models for our customers. We acquired so many customers that wanted pick ups that it was almost impossible to fill all the orders. So this year, we will only be taking orders from the first 20 customers that sign up. You must have purchased BF pickups in the past to be on the “A” list. If you are new to pickups and looking for someone, you can sign up for the “B” list, which means if we don’t fill the “A” list we will pull names from the “B” list in the order they were approved. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, but you must sign up to get your name on the list. You can email to request a spot on the list.

In addition, we will be taking smaller deposits. $50 on Special Run Models to cover the ticket costs, and $20 on Store Models, and $10 on Stablemates. The balances will be due by June 30th as usual. We feel these changes will make the BF pickup experience much more pleasurable and picking up around 70 models instead of 300 will make our job much easier too. This way we will only have 20 packages to ship out, which we can easily do before leaving Kentucky. Last year we had 120 packages to ship, and only got 47 of those shipped in the 3 extra days we stayed to package. So this year we should be able to get them all shipped within 2 days of the end of BF.

We will also not be listing items on eBay at this time due to the disaster we had in 2018. If we decide at a later date to use eBay, we will not link them to our store, but keep them completely separate to insure that information is not lost in the transfer again. We do not anticipate advertising BF 2019 items on eBay at this time, as we are confident we will fill our list quickly. At the moment we have 7 of the 20 spots filled on the “A” list. These spots will be gone when they start listing horses in January. If you are not sure if you will be needing pickups in 2019, I urge you to go ahead and sign up, and if you change your mind there won’t be any charges or penalties.

Keep checking here for more updates, releases, specials and more! We look forward to 2019 being our best year ever!