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We Are Busy, Busy, Busy!

Today we started uploading the backdrops to the site. We only added 20 so far and have around 80 more to add. We will add a few daily till they are all uploaded. We no longer offer the 8 x 10 for Paddock Pals/Little Bits. You can use the classic size for these models, including the CollectA’s. Our backdrops are professionally printed on heavy weight paper with a non-glare finish. Please allow 7-10 days for processing.

We also started on the used models page. We haven’t uploaded any models yet, but we will be soon. We have about 50 used models to list, all different qualities from body condition to very good condition. We will rate them as to the condition we feel they fall into as follows;

  1. Body

  2. Play/Remake

  3. Fair

  4. Good

  5. Very Good

  6. Excellent

When we get the prototype of the Andalusian complete we will post pics of him. We have some really exciting ideas we will be sharing with you as these products develop. We had to adjust our original ideas on how to make our line of models. Originally we planned to print them on the 3D printers. That didn’t work out so well, as you can’t print a smooth surface with today’s 3D printers (although I’m sure you will be able to at a future date), and although there are ways to smooth them, you loose important detail in the process.

So what we are doing now. is to print the prototype of each model on the 3D printer, prep it, then use it to make the molds in different sizes with a resin similar to the material Breyer uses. This is working out okay, but we are still on a learning curve when it comes to the 3D printers. When we can afford it, we would like to get a resin printer which does a much nicer job, but is very expensive to purchase and operate.

Remember, we need sales to get the rest of our packages shipped, so if you know someone who is interested in models, send them our way. Every dollar counts!