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Our New Location

Because I feel it’s important to keep my customers informed, I will be doing updates here approximately every 1-2 weeks. I wanted to let everyone know why we moved and how it is going to affect us. Due to the eBay incident (read about it in the blog “The Real Story”), I lost my retail store which I had invested my entire life savings in. This left me homeless for 5 weeks because I lived in an apartment at the store. I live on disability of $798 per month, which makes life tough. I used to get a supplemental income from this business, but I haven’t taken any money since August. It took me 5 weeks to find a place that I could afford on my small income. So we went from a 2900 square foot building to a 750 square foot one. So many boxes of things are stacked up and we need to move these items to make room for the resins. So all models are now 30% off. We are listing the items as quickly as we can. So here is what is going on right now;

  1. The traditional size Merlin is at Resins by Randy being cast. They should be just about done.

  2. We are reducing the Andalusian to 1:20 scale and hope to release it around the 1st of the year.

  3. This is the order that the club models will always ship;

    • Raw/Unprepped

    • Prepped/Unpainted

    • Matte Finish

    • Glossy Finish

  4. When Merlin gets back from the casters we will reduce him. We hope to have him out in February.

  5. The Arabian mare is still in process, but we are scheduling her for release in March.

  6. The next will be a Thoroughbred Stallion and we are scheduling him for April. Beyond that we have not planned yet.

  7. The 1:6 scale mare was not the quality I expect for the sculptures we purchase, so I had to turn it down. But we don’t give up. I have a new sculptor working on it and I’ve seen their work so she should be worth the wait. Due to the quality not being up to our standards, we have had to push her release back once again to Jan/Feb.

We hope you find these blogs helpful and informative. I’d rather you hear it here when there are problems or difficulties with projects instead of reading untrue or exaggerated stories on chat sites, FaceBook, or the Model Horse Blog. If anyone has any questions they are welcome to email me at and I’d be happy to answer them. Thank you.