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Update on PPC models

It’s been awhile since I updated everyone on the release dates for the PPC models. Due to the eBay incident and our move, things had to be pushed back a little.

Merlin – 1:9 Scale

The traditional size “Merlin” is at Resins by Randy now being cast. He is a hollow cast so he won’t be as heavy as a solid resin. He has steel rods for support. There are still a few available which you can purchase here at the website or from Resins by Randy. The retail cost is $224.99, but he is on sale till December 20th for $174.99.

Merlin (Heavy Draft Stallion) & Raphael (Andalusian Stallion)- 1:20 Scale

Because the original Merlin is at Resins by Randy being cast, the smaller version will not be ready till around the 1st of Jan. The Andalusian should be done around Christmas. We apologize for the delays, but we will be back on a regular schedule by the 1st of the year.

Other Up Coming Models

We have a trotting Arabian mare that should be released in late Jan/Feb. She will be available in both 1:9 & 1:20 Scale.

We are also working on a standing Thoroughbred with an expected release date of late Feb./March.

We are hoping to have the 1:6 scale mare to the caster around Christmas and casts released in January.

Keep checking back for more updates and news.